• Founded in 1963, TCD Architects comprises a team of highly qualified construction professionals from various disciplines who can offer full Architectural services together with Space Planning, Project Management and Master Planning. The Practice continues to address development in sustainable design and innovation, undertaking commissions throughout the North East.

  • Our team is broadly based with considerable experience in a wide range of sectors, and we look forward to increasing our portfolio of quality projects on both a local and global scale. Whether you are a domestic client, a corporate client or a developer, TCD Architects will provide you with excellent service throughout and we always carry the appropriate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to give you that essential peace of mind.

  • Today, TCD Architects continue to solidify a reputation for providing a highly efficient and cost-effective service in all commissions that our clients entrust to us, and we pride ourselves in our ability to secure repeat commissions from our increasing base of satisfied customers. Regardless of its scale or complexity, every project we undertake is managed with confidence and a total
    commitment to its success.


TCD Architects have a proud portfolio of diverse projects in a variety of different sectors, including: refurbishment and restoration; commercial and industrial; medical and healthcare; education, sports, leisure and retail; mixed-use master planning and urban design; and residential design. Our long term business relationships with companies like Technip (UK) Ltd, Stork, Sparrows, Rubber Atkins, Morrison Construction, Malcolm Allan Housebuilders prove testament to our quality product and we would be happy to expand on any detail of this.


In addition to providing excellent service throughout the evolution of a construction project, TCD Architects have produced a number of buildings that have garnered widespread acclaim and critical praise, and our impressive portfolio of work is frequently recognised in the local press.

About Us

Selecting the right architectural practice is one of the most significant decisions you can make. Since our inception, TCD Architects have provided clients with an unparalleled service that extends beyond simply producing a set of drawings: We will handle the paperwork, guide you through the complexities of construction, bring value for money, peace of mind and imagination to your project whilst keeping it on track.

TCD Architects will help you achieve your aspirations and vision, as well as add value to your project through good design and sound construction techniques. Undertaking a building project, whatever its scale, can be a daunting experience. By selecting us you are employing a team of highly experienced and professional people who will work in collaboration with our clients to create buildings that are innovative, modern, environmentally responsible and true to their surroundings.

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We welcome the opportunity to meet new clients and, if you have any queries, our friendly team can be contacted at our office.

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